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The Sirens take Paris

Hello everyone!

My name is Amanda Pohle and I am the head coach of the Fond du Lac Sirens-a high school girls rugby team! We are currently on our way to France! In March of 2017 I will be taking 11 girls to participate in an overseas tournament and cultural experience. This is just one of many blessings our team has encountered in the past three years. In the very short time that I have been coach of the Sirens we have been able to grow from a roster of three to a competitive team, many players have been able to participate and find success on state, regional, and national all star teams, and most of all we have been able to grow as individuals and a team in character. We feel this trip is the next step in our development process. It will be an opportunity to engage to with a different culture, play a different version of the game and therefore further develop their skills as a player, and grow as a family with their teammates.

Please help us get there, donate on GoFundMe today!

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